• What’s Your Type?



    Don’t worry, I’m not starting to give romantic advice! I’m talking about your “productivty style”, the way you work.

    The reason this is important is that our society tends to judge everyone by the same measure. This is great for people who fit into this idea, and not so good for others.

    Your mission is to identify your very own productivity type, and to learn how to make the most of it.

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    Task 1: Which one’s you?


    Roughly speaking, there are three different types. I call them the sprinter, the stayer, and the seasonal worker.

    To some extent, everyone’s everything, but with most people, one of the types is more dominant than the others. Their characteristics are as follows.

    • Sprinters start out with a lot of enthusiasm, get a lot done in a short time. Then they might be losing steam further down the line.
    • Stayers are the consistent types our society loves and rewards. They plod along reliably at work and get consistent high grades in school. They may not be geniuses in any one area, but you can depend on their consistency.
    • Seasonal workers work experience phases of high energy when they burst with enthusiasm and productivity. Then they drop off the face of the earth, only to resurface at a later point with another bout of insane productivity.


    What's your type?
    Steam by Jack Anstey


    Task 2: Your type doesn’t define you


    There’s no good or bad in either of these, unless you take them to the extreme. Obviously, consistency seems desirable, but it can also lead to lifelong mediocrity if it isn’t punctuated by periods of high inspiration.

    The key to making the most of this is twofold:

    1. Use your strengths, and
    2. Get support in your weak areas.


    Research shows that it’s much more effective to enhance what you’re good at. Enlist the support of a coach – or a friend who complements your strengths to balance your weaknesses.

    I promise, you won’t know yourself!