Take Control Of Your Life

Take Control Of Your Life




You want to do more of what gives you joy, without neglecting (delete as appropriate)…:

  • work
  • earning money
  • looking after your family
  • your health
You just want to feel like yourself again!
The problem? You’re not unhappy, but you feel like life is passing you by. You’re always too busy, or too tired, or distracted, or just “lazy”.

do more


You think that to take back control,


you need to:

  • get your shit together
  • get organised
  • manage your time better
  • do more exercise
  • reduce social media/Netflix/TV/whatever, …


You keep telling yourself that soon you’ll do it and take back control. But it never happens.





take control of your life

Why? Because really, the struggle to get organised and the unhealthy behaviours (be it procrastination, junk food, or Netflix) come from a deeper place. A place within yourself that’s trying to catch your attention by sabotaging your every effort.
This place is the deepest core of your being. And it has a message:


Please, let me breathe.

Give me a chance to get my bearings.

Then we can choose your dream life.”





take control of your life


Instead of “taking action” and stuffing even more into your time schedule, you need to slow down and take a breath, before taking meaningful action that’ll actually make a difference:


  • Deliberately choosing what to do – and what to say no to
  • Actually learning how to say no, and with ease
  • Mindfully taking breaks and resting
  • Choosing what to do, and doing that with 100% focus






slow down

You’re probably thinking now:

Slow down? HOW?? I can’t slow down, quite the contrary – I need to speed up and get more done! My life’s just not like that!
Here’s the crazy thing: What I described above is possible in every life. No exceptions! I’m so confident of this that I offer you a full money-back guarantee on the course.


You will:

  • burst with energy
  • do what lights you up
  • spend quality time with loved ones
  • Get done everything important (including work)
  • intentionally choose your life


You will FINALLY feel in control of your life again!




Take Control Of Your Life is a 4-week course you can study in your own time and at your own pace. Your access is for life.
Each week, you get new videos/audios, written lessons and bonus materials. Your progress is tracked – you won’t fall off the wagon!


Week/Module 1:    Simplifying (Prioritise and downsize, if and where necessary)

Week/Module 2:    Passion(s) (Amplify joy, happiness, and good, clean fun)

Week/Module 3:    Alignment (Make sure all areas of your life fit together)

Week/Module 4:    Integration (Overcome blocks and implement a long-term strategy)

Bonus #1: Live online workshop with meAligning your life with your values (value: 99 EUR)

Bonus #2: Video training in 3 parts, Wild and (Financially) Free. Learn how to manage your money with joy and create abundance (value: 49 EUR)

Bonus #3 (exclusive for as long as my time allows it!!): Private Zoom session with me on how to modify/adapt the course steps to your life and individual situation (value: 149 EUR)


Take Control Of Your Life

starts on 7. March 2022 and costs 97 EUR*

*For this Beta round, with access limited to 10 participants, it’s only 47 EUR!!

Hurry to secure your place!


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