Why It’s Time To Take Yourself Seriously



I had a client who dreamed of making a living as a musician, but she had a follow-through challenge. She’d set herself tasks for the week, promotional work, songwriting, practice, but somehow found herself “Netflix-and-chill”-ing most of the time.

It wasn’t that she lacked passion, or willpower for that matter. She had financed studying at the conservatory by playing in piano bars in the evenings, with no support from her parents or anyone else, and finished with top marks.

She hadn’t suddenly become lazy. No, there was something deeper at work.

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Self-sabotage, anyone?


My client initially claimed she was just practicing self care by resting and relaxing. When I questioned this, it slowly turned out that she was making time for her part-time job, too, and for her family and friends, for lots of things in fact – just not her passion.

Most of us are familiar with self-sabotage. The reason behind this behaviour is not that we’re weak, it’s a matter of confidence and self-worth.

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Photo by Chinh Le Duc on unsplash.com


How to take yourself seriously


I told my client it was time she took herself as seriously as she was taking her job and the people around her. “What makes you think your work doesn’t matter?” I asked.

We’re all here for the purpose of spreading our gift. What you’re really doing when you choose to flake out of prioritising your passion, is to tell yourself and the world that you don’t matter. That it isn’t all that serious.

In fact, nothing’s more urgent than you fulfilling your purpose! Take charge by:

  • looking after yourself and your needs. Yes, self care and even Netflix have their place. Schedule them.
  • scheduling your passion, too, and first. If it’s a priority, this should be reflected in the time allotted to it.


Rinse and repeat, and you’ll soon be flying.