Every year around this time, posts on social media proclaim it’s been the worst year ever, and the next is going to be great. Some do this year after year, without realising that change is up to themselves in many cases.

Your mission is to review the ending decade, and to get ready for the 20s.

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Task 1: The good and the bad


For this task, write down all your personal highlights of the last 10 years: A dream job, wedding, a great holiday etc. Make it at least five for the decade, but not much more than one per year. Also note which year these things happened, or started, in.

Next, you do the same for the low points of the decade. Again, find between five for the whole decade, and one per year. Write them down by year.

Task 2: The timeline


Now you create a graph. On the horizontal axis, write the years 2010-2019. On the vertical one, the numbers 1-10. Anything above 5 is a positive event, anything below is negative.

Enter the highlights you noted down in Task 1, according to their year and how amazing they were (between 6 and 10). Then connect the dots – quite literally – to create a graph of all the best times this past decade.

Next you do the same with the low points. Connect these into a graph line as well.

the 20s

Photo by Paul Gilmore on unsplash.com


Task 3: Gratitude and lessons for the 20s


Looking at your graphs, write down what you’re grateful for. The things you enjoyed, the highlights, maybe even some good outcomes from an initially low point in your life.

Next, write down the lessons you’ve learned. Think about how you were ten years ago, and how you are now. In what ways have you changed as a result of what happened? What have you learned?

Take your time with this. Also, save your paper, because you’ll need it in the second part, which will set you up for the 20s.