The One About Goals

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where…”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

A friend posted this except from “Alice in Wonderland” on Facebook, of all places, and when I saw it, it hit me like a brick. You see, I’ve always struggled to explain to Coaching clients, friends, and acquaintances why goal setting is so very important. People tend to yawn and roll their eyes at me, the “self-improvement nerd”.

Sure, there have been studies which found that the 2% of people who have written goals are the ones who reach their goals, but hey, there are so many studies about so many things… It’s easy to simply dismiss it and continue as before. What I love about the example from “Alice” is that it’s so wonderfully graphic. It speaks to your mind and your imagination alike.

In a way, having no goals is like turning up at the train station and asking for “50 miles straight ahead” at the tickets counter. It just doesn’t work that way. If you don’t know your destination, or if you are unclear about it, you won’t make any progress as there simply are no tickets to “somewhere in the North of the country”.

Life, of course, always moves ahead and changes. We get older, we experience things, every day passes and becomes irretrievable the next morning. In other words, we are on a moving train anyway, but in order to get on a train of our own choosing, we must be clear on our destination.

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