The Story Of A “Birth”


When I first started my Coaching business, I knew deep in my bones that it was my calling. The feedback I got was astonishing, overwhelmingly positive – people spoke of “waking up”, “connecting back” to themselves, “transformation”. I was grateful and humbled to be witness to these evolutions, people claiming their lives, unfolding their wings and blossoming.

But my website, lovely as it was, only ever reflected part of what makes me, ME, and only part of what I’m doing for my clients. It was an easy-to-read, politically correct website, non-threatening – and a little non-specific.

However, the clients I attracted into my business were invariably free thinkers like me, sometimes entrepreneurs, often artists/writers/craftspeople, a little rebellious and with a deep sense of non-conformity. People who don’t fit into society’s narrow definitions.

Why, then, was my business still so “standard”?

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