What Passion Has To Do With Money



People who know that I support wild spirits to prioritise their passion and find their unique life purpose, are often surprised when they find out that I also have a program called Wild Money. They wonder how these things go together.

Those who do think they know what the connection is between passion and money, usually get it wrong: They think I must be working on getting people to make money with their passion. And whilst this is sometimes part of my programs, it’s not their main aim at all.

Your mission is to learn how passion and money really go together.

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Task 1: Against the grain


You’ll often hear me say that it’s fine if you want to make money with your passion, but you don’t have to. Your passion should play a central role in your life simply because it gives you joy. Even if you’re an amateur, a beginner, or bad at it, it deserves to be a priority – because it lights you up.

It’s not immediately obvious to what extent this goes against the grain in our society. We’re told to value money, worldly success, hard work and material gains. And here I am propagating joy.

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Task 2: What passion has to do with money


The actual connection between passion and money lies in the truly revolutionary approach to life that I mentioned above. The focus shifts off material, outward success, and towards immaterial, inward things such as joy, passion, fulfilment and purpose.

What happens when you make that shift? As a rational person brought up with our society’s way of thinking, you’d expect that you’d be happy, but broke. Astonishingly, that’s not the case.

If you truly prioritise your joy, something strange happens in your life. There’s an expansion of space. Your heart opens, and so does your environment. Suddenly, there’s time. There’s also space for more love, luck, and success to flow in, and this includes monetary success.