Passions Can Turn Poisonous



I saw a meme on social media which infuriated me initially. It claimed that Self Care is used to cover up abuse and injustice instead of fighting them. I believe both fighting and Self Care are important, but it made me think.

Passion, too, can be used as a balm to smooth over imbalances in life. Maybe “poisonous” is too strong a word, but if passion isn’t prioritised, it can become a distraction from things that need to be addressed.

Your mission today is to make sure your passion is a priority, not a band-aid.

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Task 1: What lights you up?


The obvious first step in all this is to know what your passions are. I said it before and I’m repeating myself: Every hobby is valid, but not every hobby is a passion.

Passions make you feel blissful, like you’re coming home. They make you forget time. In fact, pursuing your passion is like being with someone you’re madly in love with in some ways!

So, what is your passion?

Passions Can Turn Poisonous
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Task 2: Don’t let it turn poisonous


I keep harping on about prioritising passion for a reason. When a passion, or multiple passions, are at the centre, the rest of life tends to fall into place around them. Things work themselves out almost magically.

When you treat your passion like a hobby or an afterthought, it can make you complacent. You get small doses of what lights you up regularly, so you put up with the rest of your life being less than ideal.

Ask yourself:

  • What would your life look like if your passion(s) were the No. 1 priority?
  • What are you currently not doing to make this happen?


Be brutally honest with yourself, and then take steps. Take a course, get a Coach, do whatever it takes. This is your life time, not a rehearsal. It’s up to you to make it count.