Should You Turn Your Passion Into A Business?



I keep pointing out that your passion(s) should be a priority, no matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner. The joy you gain is more than enough reason to put it front and center.

However, many of my clients do have a wish to turn their passion into a career or business. They want to do what lights them up and earn money from it. It sounds like a dream, and it can be.

Your mission today is to find out whether you should turn your passion into a business, and how to prevent your dream from turning into a nightmare.

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Task 1: Can you turn your passion into a business?


Obviously, this subject could (and does) fill volumes. Therefore, I’ll just give you a few questions to ask yourself to start with.

  • Are you good enough? You should of course provide quality. However, the vast majority of people underrate the value of what they have to offer.
  • Is there a genuine market for what you offer? Do people search for it?
  • Are you secure enough? Meaning, do you have savings to tide you over at least the first six months?
  • Can you perhaps start part-time to minimise the risk?

Turn your passion into a business

Task 2: Protect your passion and joy


Apart from all the nuts and bolts of business, there’s a huge pitfall that most people overlook: Can you protect your passion and joy from the harsh reality of business?

The truth is, business can be rough. I’ve met too many burnt-out artists, crafters etc. who have come to almost hate their passion because it got so entangled with having to make money. I make money with one of my passions too, so I know what it can be like.

It’s vital to preserve the joy in your passion. Create space where you can fool around with it, without any intention of producing something of value. Protect these spaces, and your business will never run out of its most important fuel: Your passion.