Too Uncomfortable To Leave Your Comfort Zone?



Some weeks ago, I argued that it depends on your circumstances whether you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or actually get comfortable in the first place.

I’d like to go a little deeper on that last part. I think it’s a widespread phenomenon that we’re just too busy, overwhelmed, or stressed to even consider doing something daring – such as, you know, prioritising a passion!

Your mission today is to create a comfort zone you’ll be able to leave.

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Task 1: What makes you uncomfortable?


Here’s a list of things that might make you uncomfortable; simply take what applies to you and disregard the rest.

1. Sleep
This is the most overlooked bit. Sleep requirements vary from person to person; anything from 5 to 9 hours is normal. Find yours and stick to it (there can be fairly dire consequences if you neglect this in the long run).

2. Overwhelm
Are you always bogged down by things you need to do and/or places you need to be, chores and meet-ups? By the way, what constitutes “too much” is entirely up to you. If you need a lot of recharging time, prune your obligations.

3. Unresolved issues
You might be uncomfortable because you carry trauma you never addressed, or deal with a physical illness and never go to the doctor. It’s time to give your mind, soul, and body the attention they deserve.

4. Lack of BEing
You’re not a human doing. Try to spend 15 minutes a day doing nothing. I’ve issued this challenge before, and I’m repeating it: try it for a week and see what it does!

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Task 2: Get uncomfortable in the right ways


Really, the first task falls under basic self care. You’d make the effort for loved ones without blinking an eyelid; aren’t you worth the same dedication?

Now you can look to leave the mental or emotional comfort zone by doing new things or shifting your focus to prioritising your passion(s). This is where you get Coaching, join a women’s group, or reach out to a teacher or mentor. You’ll find yourself and your priorities through interacting with others.