Return To Wellbeing In 3 Steps



When I first discovered the power of prioritising my passions, I spent some months in permanent bliss. I was constantly overflowing with joy, love, and I attracted amazing events and people back to me. Then life happened and I felt rather low for a while.

Only few people manage to be blissful all the time. However, I’ve developed a system that allows me to get back to this ideal state much more quickly. Here’s my process in three steps.

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Step one: Identify your Wellbeing “check points”


To start off, remember a time when you were blissful and happy. Remember every detail of it, not just that you were in love and that made you happy. Ask yourself:

  1. What did you eat?
  2. How much did you sleep?
  3. What passions did you pursue?
  4. How did you spend your day?

Make a note of all of these in writing.

Step two: Write your Wellbeing Checklist


Check which activities you wrote down in Step one, and put those that are important to your happiness on a list. For me, this list includes dancing, archery and people I love.

Note down whatever it is for you. It’s important to put it in written form.

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Step Three: Put it in practice


Whenever you feel low or have lost your drive, go back to your Checklist. This is why you wrote everything down: It’s so easy to forget to do the things that make us happy, such as passions or self care.

You can always adjust your practice to your mood. At a time of loss in my life, I danced to a sad song, crying, and it was the most therapeutic thing I could have done.

Remind yourself of what you need to be well. It’ll equip you with the tools you need to get back on an even keel.