What They Don’t Tell You About The Path To Your Dreams



Your mission today is to a. learn about, and b. arm yourself against what they don’t tell you about the path to your dreams.

Even positive changes take time to implement, and things will happen along the way. Here’s how to prepare yourself.

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1. Task: Your passion


Take a moment to picture yourself pursuing your passion(s). Get into the emotion of doing what lights you up, feel that bliss.

Done? Good!

2. Task: What could go wrong?


Now please imagine, in great detail, what life would need to throw at you to stop you pursuing your passion.

The point is that with every positive change, an equal negative force is bound to show up. It’s a law of nature. However, what you just imagined probably won’t happen, because usually the curveball is something you didn’t see coming at all.

This doesn’t mean that your passion isn’t what you’re supposed to do, though. Life is just testing your resolve. I keep seeing it: People who stick with it through the challenge, come out even more blissful than before.

Your dreams
Archery – this is yours truly!

3. Task: Your commitment


The other thing to be prepared for is your passion feeling stale at times. You won’t always make progress. At times, you’re just not feeling it any longer. I promise you the buzz will return, but you need to stick with it!

Your task is to get into the habit of pursuing your passion. Write down one small thing you’ll do this week, one practice, or one hour of doing what lights you up. Next week, review and re-commit – either to the same task or a new one.

4. Task: Let me know


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