Understand The Woo-Woo: What’s Your Purpose Really?



It’s always the next project: get the kid through primary school, or into the school of their choice, or on the team they want to be at, get the job I want, the relationship of my dreams…

Goals are great. I always recommend having goals in every part of your life. But when you hustle and hustle towards short-term goals all the time, there comes a point when you stop and ask yourself: What’s it all for? What’s the bigger picture?

This is where purpose comes in.

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Task 1: Spot the purpose


When we hear purpose, we think of people with a mission. People who drop everything to build schools in a poor country. People who change the world.

They definitely all have a purpose, but it’s not the only way to have one. Everyone has a purpose, but many don’t know they do because they think if it doesn’t at least solve world hunger, it can’t be a purpose.

your purpose
Photo by Jonathan Francisca on unsplash.com


Task 2: Find your purpose


There are three steps to this process, or three levels of insight:

  1. Check philosophy and religions: at the root, they’re about love. Living in love, spreading love in the world and the behaviour that follows (such as helping each other, ethics etc).
  2. Passion and purpose are connected – this is my work – but that doesn’t mean your passion is necessarily your purpose. Passion leads to purpose, in that it lights you up. When you’re on fire with joy, you’re in a high vibration energetically, and this matches the vibration of purpose and will make you attract it.
  3. Remember you already know your purpose (love). Your task is to spend as much time in a high vibration as possible, by pursuing your passion and feeling joy and love, and your purpose will become clear – it might even change over time, but it’ll be there.