What To Do When Things Suck

(Full article featured in Monday Sparkles week of 4th July 2016)

No matter how much you may focus on the positive, no matter how optimistic or happy you are, sometimes life happens and things go wrong. A relationship breaks up, a job or business goes pear-shaped, disaster happens.

On that note: I’m all for keeping a positive outlook, but there are some people who try to tell you that you should never, ever feel bad about anything or have a negative thought. This is unhealthy in the extreme! It is natural and beneficial to experience the entire range of human experiences and the associated emotions. What positivity means is to spend more time focusing on what works than on what doesn’t – what it doesn’t mean, is to ignore or deny anything negative.


Dealing with it?

With that out of the way, how do you deal with what a friend of mine calls “the suckies”? The sinking feeling, the tears, the inability to work up the energy to do anything productive?

I’ll give you some gentle and easy suggestions in the following, but I will also say that you shouldn’t pressurise yourself into DOING anything at all. We seem to have this expectation nowadays to handle absolutely everything, but in truth sometimes you can’t “handle” it at all and then you just need to endure. Things take their time. Cut yourself some slack! Perhaps that’s the main takeaway I’d like to you have from this article: be gentle and don’t expect to bounce back in x amount of time or come up with brilliant learnings and insights straightaway.

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