The “Working Hard” Myth



People disagree on almost everything, but one thing 90% agree on is that hard work is a good thing. Indeed, when I tell someone that I work with people on prioritising their passion, the reaction I get most frequently is: “But you’ve got to work hard, too.”

Where does this come from? Why does hardly anyone question it?

Your mission today is to find what you really want in your life, and what the best way is to get it.

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Task 1: Why we worship working hard


People have always worked, that’s true. But I wonder whether historically, work was really that backbreaking. There were certainly exceptions, but mostly people had one focus, a one-track mind.

We used to have to work to feed ourselves. Then we became employees and work became abstract. To keep us motivated, the philosophy became that working hard is the only right way of living. We were also told that it’s the way to make money, which most rich people will tell you is nonsense.

The concept of focusing on passion, joy, and pleasure runs so contrary to this, it’s no wonder people have trouble even believing that it’s possible!

working hard
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Task 2: What do you really want?


This echoes back to last week’s episode – catch it here if you missed it. Why is it so important to find out what you truly want?

Because in order to break away from working hard as the answer to all questions, we’re going to have to cut back. Not on carbs, but on demands on ourselves and our time.

Once you know what’s truly important to you, you can pick which things you need to prioritise. Make sure it’s something that lights you up! Of course, a bit of balance is great, but trying to do it all is the root of all evil in our day and age.