What Passions Can Do For Your Health



Recently, I wrote an article for the Elephant Journal, which got me thinking about what my passions have done for my health. I used to try and eat well and get into shape, but I never stuck with anything for long.

These days, it’s easy to stick with my workout. I want to get strong and healthy, mostly so I can do archery and dance without injuring myself. I need the strength I’m building for my passions.

Here’s how you can improve your health, too.

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Task 1: Determine your health needs


What’s your passion? Or if you’re a multi-passionate, what are your passions?

It’s obvious when your passion includes physical activity, like my above examples. If you do a sport which uses one side, or one part of the body in particular, you might want to do strength training for the rest of your body to stay balanced. Or maybe you need endurance and stamina.

Other passions require you to be healthy, too. Learning anything is based on a clear head and cognitive function – if you’re tired and foggy-brained, you won’t make much progress. Painting, writing or playing an instrument requires functional hands (I have experience with this!) and an absence of inflammation.

Find your specific needs and make a note of them.

your health
Photo by Cel Lisboa on unsplash.com


Task 2: Health for passions


Your next step is to figure out a way to meet your health needs. I invite you to look at the following areas:

  1. Sleep/rest: How much rest do you need to be functional, clear-headed and energetic?
  2. Exercise: Exercise can do wonders for your mind and learning abilities (read “Spark!” by John J. Ratey) as well as your body.
  3. Food: Listen to your body to find out which foods make you sluggish and tired, and which make you feel alert and energetic.


Your health is important, not as an abstract concept but as a path to your joy, through your passions. It’s fun to work on it!