Wildest Dreams

Live your passions. Claim your joy.



If two or more of the following statements apply to you, then we should talk:

  • I know my passion and my path, but it’s not happening fast enough.
  • If only I had more time for my passion (or multiple passions)!
  • I keep sabotaging myself on the path to my dream and to freedom.
  • I want to do something I love, but I don’t know what it is.
  • My responsibilities (or job/family/etc) keep me from living my passions.
  • I want to claim my joy and find my purpose, but have no idea how to do it.

If you mostly think: “I just don’t have the money for any of it,” click here!


Your 90-Day Program: Wildest Dreams

It doesn’t matter whether you are already clear on what your passion is and what your ideal life would look like, or whether you are still searching; whether you are a beginner or a master in your art, craft, hobby, or life passion… I’m here to tell you:

The joy of living your passion(s) – sheer vibrating with happiness, every single day of your life – is your sacred birthright.

It’s not a luxury or an afterthought. And it is possible to experience this as a completely normal person, whilst still paying your bills and living in the real world.

Take the initiative now and sign up for your Wildest Dreams, the 90-day personal, intensive Coaching program which will absolutely transform your life!

You will:

  • Blow your own expectations out of the water.
  • Blast through blocks and obstacles.
  • Create a life which lights you up, with ease and purpose.
  • Experience joy and abundance every single day.

Free bonuses: Email support between sessions, money ebook, worksheets.

Your investment: 399 EUR in total (convert to your currency)

If you prefer to pay monthly, you’ll pay 3 installments of 139 EUR (convert to your currency)


If you pay the complete program upfront, you will:

  • save cash, and
  • receive a FREE additional Coaching session in your first month (total of 7 instead of 6 sessions)

In any case, signing up is risk free because of my full, unconditional money-back guarantee:

If at any point during or after the first session, you feel you’re not in the right place, I will cancel your contract and give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’d like to talk to me before committing, email me and we can hop on Skype for a chat.