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1. Wild Spirits News

Coaching magic

Free weekly Coaching magic directly to your inbox, and 100% spam free – what’s not to love? Down-to earth Coaching tips help you pursue your passions and find your unique purpose, all whilst creating a stress-free life you love.


The newsletter is my favourite way of communicating with my tribe of Wild Spirits. I pour my heart into providing value with the weekly articles. I also love receiving feedback from my subscribers, and thank them with regular exclusive offers and discounts.


You will get:


  • Free Checklist 3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing What Lights You Up TODAY.
  • Hands-on Coaching tips to put into practice every week.
  • Recommendations, quotes and inspiration.
  • Special offers which are often exclusive to subscribers.


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2. Video Features


If you’re not ready to subscribe just yet, you can find the current week’s main feature on my blog here. The video is the main bit, but there’s also a written abstract to give you an idea of what’s in the video in case you have bad internet, and also for the hard of hearing.


Just like the newsletter, the feature is published every Monday morning. If it’s just the video you want, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel.


3. Checklist 3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing What Lights You Up TODAY


D’you know the Checklist I mentioned, that you’ll get as a welcome gift when you sign up for Wild Spirits News? Well, if you’d just like the Checklist, that’s fine.


However, if you’d also like a 3-day mini e-course with helpful action steps and prompts to get you to really put those 3 Steps into practice, then sign up here. This will also get you the Wild Spirits News, so you don’t need to sign up for that separately (if you’ve already done so, don’t panic – I won’t send you duplicate newsletters).


4. Social Media


I post daily inspirational quotes, beautiful pictures, as well as personal insights and the occasional live training on my Social Media profiles:


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