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Find your Purpose.


Who has time for passions these days?

Have you noticed,

  • people think that passions only matter once the “serious” work is done?
  • that there’s more and more work, and it’s hip to be busy?
  • how the pressure to buy and consume leaves you in debt and joyless?

It can feel like being in chains!

Invest 10 minutes to gain clarity with a free Life Audit.

Why would you need Coaching?

Doing what lights you up and making it a priority can feel like pedalling a bike uphill.

I want you to know: There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing.
You’re simply a Wild Spirit caught up in a world that’s designed to keep you functioning. The message is that you won’t be able to survive if you focus on pleasure.

Coaching’s the perfect antidote. Some people think Coaching is about “motivation” (yawn!) when in fact, it’s down to earth and practical: You’ll watch yourself transform, then stay on track – and you won’t need superhuman willpower or discipline.

Free your joy

Your life is different from everybody else’s, so there’s no cookie-cutter solution. You need personal, one-on-one Coaching tailored to your individual situation.
What would your life be like if you could:

  • pursue your passion without neglecting job and family?
  • always have enough money?
  • stop compromising your Wild Spirit?

And you don’t need to give up your job or move to a desert island (unless you want to)!

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