You belong in this life. You have a purpose.


Sibylle, Passion & Purpose Coach

Is it only the professionals (those who earn money with their passion) who are allowed to prioritise their passion?

Are the rest of us condemned to just consume and pay bills?

If you believe this, you end up living a surrogate life which is outwardly successful.

Living this surrogate life – instead of your purpose – can manifest in different ways such as:

  • Rushing around trying to do it all, keeping busy every minute of the day.
  • Wishing for a simpler life where nobody bothers you.
  • Always tired and low on energy. Existing on coffee.
  • Any of the following: Insomnia, compulsive eating, needing a glass of vino to relax.
  • Never finding enough time for your passion(s).


But deep down inside, a nagging feeling tells you there must be more to life.

That’s your Wild Spirit reminding you of who you are.

Could it be time to listen?

Escape the madness. Discover purpose.


Imagine you could:

  • Wake up happy every day
  • Put your passion front and centre (no matter how “bad” you are at it)
  • Discover and live your purpose*
  • Have plenty of quality time for your loved ones
  • Slow down and still have (more than) enough money


*Your purpose doesn’t necessarily equal your passion, but both are important.

Questions to ask yourself:


  • Is your passion (or multiple passions) the centre of your life? Do you even know what your passion is?
  • Were you really put on this planet to rush around and “make a living”?
  • Is joy something frivolous you’re only allowed to have on a Sunday afternoon, after the chores are done?
  • Why do you think you don’t do more of what lights you up?


Hint: it’s not lack of time or money. It’s your ingrained subconscious beliefs. Our beliefs program and control our behaviour.


Our beliefs are the reason why we find it so hard to truly change. It’s why it takes so much willpower.

What if there was a different way? With ease and joy, feeling natural and right? What if you could be certain the changes are permanent?

That’s what Coaching does. It’s what it was developed to do.

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