Let Your Beautiful Wild Spirit Shine!


Stop feeling only half alive and discover a life of passion & purpose.


Sibylle, Life Purpose Coach

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Hey, I’m Sibylle.

I work with people who are lacking passion and purpose in life. And this is affecting them in a number of ways.

Is any of this familiar?

  • You’re too busy (or simply too exhausted) to spend much time on your passion.
  • You’re often tired and lacking energy.
  • You’ve let your health go.
  • You’re not unhappy, but not particularly happy either.
  • You tell yourself that one day, you’ll pursue your passion.


I want you to know: There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing.
You’re simply a Wild Spirit caught up in a world that’s designed to keep you functioning. Prioritising a passion goes against all we’ve learned. We’re told we won’t be able to survive if we focus on pleasure.


Why would you need Coaching?



Making changes that run contrary to all society tells us, is hard. Just like a good relationship, it requires long-term commitment, and sometimes it feels like pedalling a bike uphill. This is where a qualified, experienced Coach comes in.

There’s a reason why all the most successful individuals – managers, athletes, entrepreneurs – have a Coach.

Coaching isn’t about “motivation” (yawn!), it’s a proven set of tools and processes designed to create the changes you desire. The approach is based on solid science such as psychology and cognitive-behavioural therapy.

The results are dramatic, down to earth, and measurable.

What would your life be like if you could:

  • pursue your passion without neglecting job and family?
  • always have enough money?
  • stop compromising your Wild Spirit?


And you don’t need to quit your job or move to a desert island to do it.*

*Unless you want to. It’s certainly possible!

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?

Let’s hop on Skype for a chat!
(It’ll be about you. NO hard sales, promise)
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