Find Your Passion (1 session)

find your passion

Not sure if you really have a “passion”? Or do you have too many, and can get enthusiastic about something new at the drop of a hat? How do you find your passion, “your thing”?

Answer: You consult the wisdom you already carry within your body, soul, mind, and spirit. Through tried-and-tested techniques and processes, I’ll help you access your true, deepest self.

You’ll walk away with clarity about your passion(s) and a new zest for creating a life of joy, rather than bills!

What it is: A once-off 1-hour session via Skype/Zoom or phone.

Investment: 75 EUR* (or the equivalent in your currency)

*Yup! That’s it! I love connecting with people – that’s my main passion – and so I’m offering this insane value for as long as I still have time for it.

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Find Your Passion

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