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1. Wild Spirits News

Wild Spirits News
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This is my favourite way of connecting with my Wild Spirits community. I pour my heart into providing free value, with resources, book recommendations and special offers exclusive to subscribers. Come join us!

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Wild Spirits News

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2. The Great Wild Spirits Exhibition

In April 2020, the Wild Spirits community came together to share their passions in a time of social distancing – in The Great Wild Spirits Exhibition, online! People from all over the community sent in their contributions, and they’re incredible.
Exhibits range from hobbies and interests through professional arts and crafts. What they all have in common is that they’re infused by passion, joy, and love. This is our way of carrying light into dark times.

3. Life Audit

This is incredible value for absolutely zero money! The only thing you’ll “spend” is 10 minutes of your time. The audit helps you pinpoint where in your life you need to make changes to prioritise your passions.

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4. 3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing What Lights You Up

We’ve all been there: Finally there’s some time and space in your life when you could pursue your passion. And what do you do? Scroll through Facebook for hours on end. Are you simply too lazy?

No, you’re not. Procrastination is the result of our over-stimulating modern world. There are ways to beat procrastination, though, and gain back control over your time. I recommend you start with these 3 steps!

5. 10 Steps: The Pleasure Principle Checklist

One would think that it’s easy to feel good, but in fact, it can be a real challenge. We get distracted, we slip into unhealthy habits; our minds dwell in the past or the future.

The good news is that our bodies are always in the present moment, and we can use them to ground ourselves. This restores well-being and happiness. Here’s a quick checklist to use every day, with simple actions you can take to find your joy.

6. Social Media

I post inspirational quotes, interesting links, and personal insights on my Social Media profiles: