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1. Wild Spirits News

Coaching magic
Free weekly Coaching magic directly to your inbox, infos, resources and recommendations – what’s not to love? Down-to earth Coaching tips help you pursue your passions and find your unique purpose, all whilst creating a stress-free life you love. 100% spam free, of course.

The newsletter is my favourite way of communicating with my fellow Wild Spirits. I pour my heart into providing value with the weekly video features. I also love receiving feedback from my subscribers, and thank them with regular exclusive offers and discounts.

You will get:

  • A video feature on an important subject (full disclosure: this is the only part of the newsletter you can see without being a subscriber, here on the blog or on my YouTube channel).
  • Hands-on Coaching tips to put into practice every week.
  • A direct line to me (I love hearing from the community and always respond).
  • Recommendations, quotes and inspiration.
  • Special offers which are often exclusive to subscribers.


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2. Free Life Audit

This is incredible value and costs you absolutely zero money! The only thing you’ll “spend” is 10 minutes of your time. The audit provides you with amazing clarity of where in your life you need to make changes in order to prioritise your passions.

Take me to my Life Audit!


3. 3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing What Lights You Up

We’ve all been there: Finally there’s some time and space in your life when you could pursue your passion, and instead you find yourself scrolling through Facebook. Are you just lazy?

No, you’re not. Procrastination is one of the many effects our over-stimulating modern world brings with it. There are ways of outsmarting yourself, though, and gaining back control over your time. I recommend you start with these 3 steps!

4. 10 Steps: The Pleasure Principle Checklist

One would think it’s easy to feel good, but in fact, it can be a real challenge. We get distracted, we slip into unhealthy habits. Our minds dwell in the past or the future, but it’s our bodies that are rooted in the present moment, our bodies that can feel pleasure.

Here’s a quick checklist to use every day. It’ll help you pinpoint the exact actions you need to take today to feel joyful.

5. Social Media

I post daily inspirational quotes, beautiful pictures, as well as personal insights and the occasional live training on my Social Media profiles:

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