Wild Money (3 mths)

Wild Money

Life is getting more and more expensive and demanding, and yet your income never seems to budge. Or you have the choice between being broke or working so much you won’t have any time or energy left to live.

Self-help gurus tell you it’s “all in your mindset”.

Financial experts say you need to learn how to budget and skimp.

I say: To truly break out of the vicious cycle of never-enough, you need both a solid understanding of finances and a shift in your mindset. Money can be wild and joyful!

Wild Money

This program is unique in that it combines Coaching with Teaching. Both happen in intensive 1-on-1 sessions with me (via Skype/Zoom). Here are the details.

In the Coaching part, you will:

  • Shift your subconscious beliefs about money.
  • Create new, productive beliefs and firmly anchor them in your mind.
  • Program your body, mind, soul, and spirit for Wild Money abundance.

In the Teaching part, you will:

  • Learn about the principles of money management.
  • Implement a budget without “frugality”.
  • Create your rock-solid financial plan.

All this allows you to focus on what truly matters to a Wild Spirit: Your passion(s)! As well as, you know, your loved ones and yourself.

What is it: A three-months program including regular 1-on-1 Coaching and Teaching via Skype or phone, accountability, email support, free work materials and a progress tracker.
Investment: 750 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency)

Check if you can afford this.

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Wild Money

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My money-back guarantee: If at any point up to and including the first full session you wish to cancel, I’ll refund you the money you paid, no questions asked.

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